Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 19 Review: The Death of the Undying

Probably one of the best episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist. Hawkeye is confronted by Gluttony and without hesitation, starts firing. However, Hawkeye's bullets don't stop Gluttony, and right as he's about to eat her, Fuery and Hayate(her dog)come to her rescue. Hawkeye and Fuery try shooting Gluttony full of holes again. They keep firing until they run out of bullets, and Gluttonly again attempts to fill his stomach. Suddenly, Mustang himself steps in and blows the Homunculus out of the window. Hawkeye is less than happy to see Mustang there, but more importantly, they decide to chase after Barry's fleeing body. They are joined by Havoc and later by Al, who had heard that something was up through Ling, and along the way, they discuss the existence of the Homunculus. Barry's body eventually leads them to the Research Laboratory 3, and although Mustang claims that getting this far is enough, Barry decides to rush inside. Mustang uses this as an excuse to go in with his team, however they are soon forced to split up in pairs at a juncture. Mustang and Havoc continue on into an abandoned part of the building, and there they are met by Lust. Havoc recognizes her as the woman he's been dating, but he promises Mustang that he didn't reveal anything to her.

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