'Survivor: South Pacific': Does Papa Bear run in the woods?


When we last left our survivors, we finally had two people at Redemption Island to battle it out for the first elimination. And Brandon Hantz was being borderline pathological in his hate/obsession towards Mikayla.Check it out - Zap2it spoke with last season's winner Boston Rob about this season so far. He thinks he probably made things a lot tougher for Ozzy and Coach.Redemption IslandThe tribes, like last season, have to pick two people to go watch. Coach really wants to go, so Upolu sends Coach and Stacey. Savaii sends Ozzy and Elyse. I'm surprised both vets got to go. Do they have that much sway at their tribes?Anyway, the duel is placing wooden totems on top of a pole, then adding to the pole to make it taller and taller. Whoever holds up their totem longer wins. Sehmar does some spoken word poetry before the duel while everybody looks around at each other like she's...



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