'The Vampire Diaries' Delena dish: Will Elena admit to feelings for Damon?


Stefan and Elena may be "The Vampire Diaries" golden couple, but things are going to get worse for these two before they get better. Stefan is headed down a very bad road with Klaus, and even when Stefan does return to Mystic Falls (whenever that may be) he's hardly going to be in any shape to take Elena to the homecoming dance.So, of course, the question on everyone's mind: Where does that leave Damon? In last week's episode, Damon insisted that Elena admit that she was worried about him, because, as he said, if Stefan does get his act together, Damon doesn't want Elena to forget how close they've grown while little bro has been gone. Their friendship certainly deepened over the summer, though all Elena would admit to was that she cares whether Damon lives or dies. It's not exactly the stuff of romance novels."There's yet to be an admission of that chemistry from...



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