America's Next Top Model: All-Stars 17.03 "Kristin Cavallari" Review

I have some serious mixed emotions about the concept of a group challenge on a reality show like America's Next Top Model. While it works well in stirring up drama and giving a reading on how well you can work with other people, it's hard to fully accept as a true means of eliminating someone. The "random" pairings have a bit too much control in either building up a contest or bringing them all the way down, so it can scream producer interference and predetermination more than anything.

Let me just get this out. I think Isis was robbed in "Kristin Cavallari", the third episode of America's Next Top Model: All-Stars. The entire set up of the episode was to blame, though, due to the weird rule that half the cast would be safe from elimination following the interview challenge with Mario Lopez. I can understand wanting to give the challenges more weight, as they've become more nonsensical and pointless with each passing cycle, and I think that granting immunity early in the game can raise the stakes on what would've normally been a bit of a filler challenge. However, the show painted itself into a corner with giving six girls immunity because, as Tyra said in her Speech of Super Importance, Angelea and Isis didn't have the two worst photos in the bunch. This challenge may need be all about star power and branding, but shouldn't you do your best to get one of the top models (har har), too? Read More...


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