The Middle 3.03 "Hecking Order" Recap

Wow, Trouty Mouth went from being a high school student to an elementary school teacher in a matter of months. Chord Overstreet (Glee) guest starred as Mr. Wilkerson, the next teacher that Brick doesn't click with. It's that time of year everyone: the kids are back to school!

Sue is ecstatic to be in high school, but she's unintentionally ruining Axl's life. The only way she could say "frosh" more times in a conversation is if she suddenly acquired Brick's whispering reflex. Since her presence at the school is making Axl crazy, he decides to get a little revenge when she asks for advice about what elective to take during her free period before math. He tells her that by taking swimming, she can prepare to be on the swim team and get extracurricular experience. What he doesn't tell her is that there's no way she'll make it to her math class if she has to run from the pool at the other end of the school. Poor Sue. Too many tardies can go on your permanent record! ("Tardy sweeeep!") Read More...


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