Up All Night Review: "Working Late & Working It"

This week on "Working Late & Working It" Chris tried to bring sexy back to his and Reagan's marriage. The domestication of Chris provided a number of laughs and will continue to do so I hope, as the season progresses. The best instance of such was when he excitedly quoted Gwyneth Paltrow's tweets. Will Arnett has a great under his breath, almost out of breath at times, delivery and got to show it off as he bashfully, yet enthusiastically, referenced his good homemaking guru. 

I too agreed with Ms. Pepper Potts's tweet that maintaining the romance in a relationship is very important. Lucky for Chris it seemed his budding bromance with Reed (Will Forte) provided him with some good advice, despite being a little too honest at times. What a great touch it was to show the whole "Rachel Broe-esque" style consult complete with Reed's butt clench that would have made even Nacho Libre blush, only to reveal they were in plain sight of their chiildren the entire time. Hopefully the memory of their fathers in their skivvies won't haunt them in the future.  Read More...



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