Law & Order: SVU Review: "Personal Fouls"

Welcome to SVU, Detective Amaro! While I'm still not a hundred percent about Rollins, I think I'm really going to enjoy watching Danny Pino as Nick Amaro. His introductory episode may have been standard SVU fare, He really stood out as an interesting character in this week's episode, "Personal Fouls."

Giddish's Detective Rollins didn't have much to do this week, which was fine by me. Her (over) eagerness and silly flirtatious questioning of last week's perp was a little grating, but I still hold out hope that she can develop into a more watchable character.

Unlike Rollins, Amaro transferred in with reserve, despite that crazy beard from his Narcotics stint. He never responded to Benson's hostility with anything more than single question,. He was very mature about it, especially given the magnitude of Benson's bitchiness this episode. Although I understand she's still mourning the loss of her partner for the last twelve years, by the middle of the episode, I'd had enough of the snotty quips. Read More...


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