The X Factor Episode: "Auditions No. 3"

Two hours of more auditions, but I think I just heard the announcer say this is the last week of them? Praise be! I'd like nothing more than to get into the mentoring rounds, where contestants will be divvied up into young, old, solo and group categories and then handed over to the judges for molding. It will no doubt be Paula's time to shine.

But first, tonight's episode. Things kick off in Chicago...One more episode with Cheryl Colein it? Yes, please!

First up are Brock and Makenna, a duo from Missouri who have been singing together for four years. "I love her, but she doesn't know it," he says. Before they sing, Simon asks, "Are you dating?" Sorry Brock, Makenna says no. They sing a more-than-decent...


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