Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 18 Review: The Arrogant Palm of a Small Human

Ed and Major Armstrong arrive in Resembool and are surprised to find Mustang's subordinate Breda waiting for them. Breda an a guide then lead them through the desert to the Xerxes ruins, and there, they meet up with Fu. Ed knows about Xerxes because of the legends of the Philosopher of the East who supposedly spread alchemy to Amestris, and it turns out that there's a similar legend about someone from the West coming to Xing. Inside the ruins, Ed notices a certain engraving on the wall that draws his attention, but then catches back up to the others. A short while later, the group finds Ross who is actually alive and well. As it turns out, Mustang had been suspicious about her arrest, and those suspicions were confirmed after talking with Barry. He had then gotten Breda to gather the materials to transmute a burnt corpse, and when Ross ran into him that night(the previous episode), he had burned the body and thrown her into a dumpster where Havoc had retrieved her through a secret passage. Ling was the one who later arranged for Fu and Ross to head east.

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