'America's Next Top Model: All-Stars' Week 3 Recap: Getting Stilted

Tonight on America's Next Top Model: We learn Kristin Cavaralli's lessons on how to be a reality star, how to get interviewed by Mario Lopez, what "booty tooch" means, and what Tyra thought of her Saturday Night Live parody. Oh, and some modeling happens in there somewhere. On STILTS!

After winning best photo for showing her chewed up food to the camera in the Pink's Hot Dog challenge, Lisa points out what the rest of us have noticed: This cycle is supposed to be about personality, yet two of the biggest personalities -- Sheena and Brittany -- were the first to go. The lesson the girls take away from this is, "No one is safe!" The lesson they SHOULD take away is, "This whole thing is bullsh*t so let's just have fun with it." But I'm sure they'll catch on eventually.



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