Josh Krajcik Surprises Simon Cowell 'At Last' on 'The X Factor' (VIDEO)

After a lackluster start that didn't seem to spotlight nearly enough quality singers, 'The X Factor' (Wed., 8PM ET on FOX) came back much stronger in its second week. There were perhaps no stories as compelling as Chris Rene's rehab saga, but it was made up for in sheer talent.

Josh Krajcik proved to be the most unexpected surprise of the night. How many people watching just knew this was going to be a trainwreck as we saw his mother preening over him like he was the greatest singer the world has yet to meet.

Then there was the fact that he looked like she'd dragged him off the couch where he was watching 'Three Stooges' shorts eating Cheese Puffs. But when he opened his mouth and started singing Etta James' 'At Last,' every jaw in that theater dropped.


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