Survivor: South Pacific 23.03 "Reap What You Sow" Recap

In case you missed last week's episode, catch up with my recap here.

The episode begins at Redemption Island where Christine arrives and tries to wake up Semhar.  Christine doesn't know what happened at Tribal Council.  Maybe her tribe just didn't want someone who was ready to play the game from the beginning.  At least RI gives her another chance to play.  Back at Upolu, the tribe returns from Tribal Council.  Mikayla can't figure out what she did to Brandon.  She's glad Coach took the heat off her at Tribal.  Brandon confesses that he regrets his blatant lie, as he didn't want to play like his uncle.  "I reap what I sow, man."

The next morning at Upolu, the tribe receives Tree Mail instructing them to send two members to the RI Arena.  Coach and Stacey will go for Upolu.  Coach hopes Christine loses so she can't come back to haunt him.  At the Arena, Jeff welcomes in Semhar and Christine.  Ozzy and Elyse are there for Savaii.  Christine calls out Coach for his part in ousting her.  Semhar admits RI is scary before they move to the Duel.  For the Duel, they each must place a totem on top of a pole.  After a time, they must add more pieces of the pole.  The first one to have her totem fall is eliminated.  "One shot," Jeff says, "Take your spots." Read More...


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