'Up All Night' Recap: 'Working Late and Working It'

The latest episode centers around what seems to be an indisputable fact of family life: babies are tiny, evil sex vampires. Just like cats steal your breath, babies sap your will to do the nasty. Chris begins to realize this when he makes Reagan a romantic dinner (gnocchi - nature's most powerful aphrodisiac), which fails to get her in the mood but succeeds in getting her to shed her work clothes. Unfortunately, as has become the norm, she slips into the much too comfortable "charity walk sweatpants" that just don't do it for Chris. 

When new parents inevitably hit this kind of sexy plateau, the responsibility for keeping things hot always seems to fall on the woman. I'm not trying to make a feminist statement here; it's just the way things usually are. Perhaps it's because men are more visual that they not only like their wives and girlfriends to want sex but to also look like they want sex. Or perhaps it's that a lot of men don't see themselves as sexy beings or know how to present themselves in a sexy (not cheesy) way. So, the guy who's whining about his wife wearing ice cream-stained pajama pants every night is often the same unshaven guy playing video games in a wife-beater and nasty gym shorts. Well, "Up All Night" takes a jab at that "double standard" in a sly way. Chris wants Reagan to dress sexier, but while she never asks the same from him, he is the one who is sort of "objectified" through most of the episode. (And I have no complaints there.) Read More...



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