Naruto Season 1 Episode 11 The Land Where a Hero Once Lived Episode Recap

Sakura watches over Tazuna while Sasuke and Naruto continue their tree climbing training. During the time Tazuna is working, another employee by the name of Giichi quits for fear of his life. Giichi attempts to convince Tazuna to quit, but Tazuna refuses, saying that the bridge is not only for them, but for all of the Land of Waves. He tells Giichi after lunch that he will not have to return. During this time the rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke increases, both of them wanting to get to the top faster than the other.

On the way home, Tazuna stops at a store for dinner where Sakura can not believe how poor the country is. A small child begs Sakura for some food on their way home. Tazuna states that the Land of Waves has been like that ever since Gato took over. It's the reason Tazuna wants to finish the bridge, because if the bridge is completed then the Land of Waves will be able to return to the way it was before Gato arrived.

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