THE OFFICE “The Incentive” Review

THE OFFICE "The Incentive" Season 8, Episode 2 – Following in the footsteps of last week’s season premiere, this week’s episode of The Office showed us how the folks at the Scranton office have all continued to function as that same dysfunctional unit that we love.

To me, it’s important that Andy not morph into Michael Scott as he transitions from being just one among the group to being the boss. When he sat on Jim’s desk to have a little pow-wow with the group, it didn’t seem like something Andy would have normally done and I was immediately reminded of Michael.

Although Andy has had great moments of physical comedy before, he’s not normally a very physically clumsy character and I don’t think I need Andy to be as much of a physical comedian as Michael Scott was. Thankfully, there were only a couple brief moments when that thought crossed my mind so I’m not sure if those moments were written in intentionally, or if it was just coincidence. Read More...


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