THE MENTALIST “Little Red Book” Review

THE MENTALIST "Little Red Book" Season 4 Episode 2 – Things may have moved pretty fast in last week’s season premiere, but in this episode they have basically come to a standstill. Rather than put the team back to work, Bertram has decided to blame Lisbon for the whole Red John thing. Rigsby has been reduced to working security, Van Pelt is in therapy for having to shoot her fiancé and Cho is just trying to keep his job.

Jane is sent to work with a new team but he’s not having any of it. So what does Jane do? He decides to make the new team’s life a living hell, of course. But in true Jane style he does it in the sneakiest way possible – egging everyone against each other while he sits back calmly with his cup of tea. Jane also recruits the rest of Lisbon’s team into helping him get her back and of course, his devious plan works and all are reunited in the end. Read More...


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