THE BIG BANG THEORY “The Pulled Groin Extrapolation” Review

THE BIG BANG THEORY "The Pulled Groin Extrapolation" Season Five Episode 3 – Nothing makes me happier than character growth and I think "The Pulled Groin Extrapolation," this week’s episode ofThe Big Bang Theory will be remembered as a turning point in the arc of Sheldon Cooper.

When Sheldon is unwilling to go to a wedding with Amy (as there would be no other scientists his age), Amy invites Leonard instead. She even buys a corsage for him to give to her; it’s not surprising, but still a little sad, that she couldn’t even get her cousin to take her to her prom.

Still moping over Priya’s move to India, Leonard turns out to be kind of a sucky date. It takes all of Amy’s charms (plus a mustache she drew on her finger) to get him onto the dance floor. If not for the pulled groin he suffers doing the hokey-pokey, he would have actually had a very good time. He even kisses Amy goodnight (on the cheek) which of course fuels her belief that Leonard is falling for her. I hope they don’t let that idea die in upcoming episodes; I want to see it played out. Read More...


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