COMMUNITY “The Geography of Global Conflict” Review

COMMUNITY "The Geography of Global Conflict" Season 3 Episode 2 – Community returned this week a much stronger episode, and was a marked improvement over last week’s not-so-funny premiere. Last week seemed to serve mostly as a starting point for the season, setting up lots of new characters and storylines but not necessarily packing the episode with laughs. This week’s episode was a marked improvement, but didn’t live up to the pedigree of some of the episodes of the first two seasons.

We’re first introduced to Professor Cligoris, played by Martin Starr. You see, his last name is funny because it sounds very similar to a risque body part found on females. Fortunately, Starr was able to elevate his role past his sophomoric last name and had quite a few good lines. His deadpan delivery works really well with the outrageous personalities of the rest of the cast.

Annie meets an "Asian Annie" named Annie Kim, who steals Annie’s idea about having a Model UN at Greendale. So Professor (Ahem) Cligoris decides to have a UN debate to decide which Model UN will make the cut. I thought the debate story was great, with Abed’s constant references to Earth 2 and Annie’s temper tantrum being the highlights. Read More...


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