Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 13 Review: The Beasts of Dublith

Full Metal Alchemist (FMA) episode 13 begins with Alphonse and Edward Elric being expelled from their alchemic learning by their sensei, Izumi. They say their good-byes and begin to head off. However, they soon remember why they came to Izumi...To find clues to get their bodies back!

Meanwhile Roy is playing chess with his superior, General Grumman. It is then announced that he will be moving back to his station in central, with five of his comrades including his right-hand girl Hawkeye.

The master meets scar, who is recovering in an Ishbalan camp, and they begin discussing his questionable retribution. His master tries to tell him vengeance is not the answer, but scar ignores him. Then scar is interrupted by a group looking to bring him in for a reward but he soon disposes of them. He leaves the camp, fearing his presence is bringing danger to his people.

Alphonse begins sweeping outside Izumi's shop, where Al is lured into a trap. One of the captors goes inside Alphonse's body, taking him back to a new character named Greed. It is revealed that Greed is a homunculus, and Edward, worried about his brothers safety, begins searching for Al. Greed wants Alphonse to tell him the secret to soul Transmutation, when Edward comes bursting onto the scene and battles Greed. The Episode ends with Alphonse being taken away from the battle by the captors (discovered to be chimera) and Edward begins to lose his fight!. Luckily, Izumi intervenes and begins her battle with Greed.

All in All it was a good episode, with a great blend of storyline, comedy and ACTION! However, the remake currently hasn't dwelled too far away from the first series, with few major plot changes, so it may have felt a bit nostalgic to viewers of the original series.

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