HAVEN “Sins of the Fathers” Review

HAVEN "Sins of the Fathers" Season 2, Episode 12 – Wow. What a way to end a season! Havenbrought back the dead in this week’s season finale and we’re not talking about your standard zombie apocalypse here either.

Thanks to Kyle, a troubled gravedigger, Haven‘s dead come to seek revenge against those who wronged them in life. Not all of of these phantasms are out for vengeance as Sam Crocker, Chief Wuornos, and the Rev all visit the living to make sure that the new generation continues their missions.

When Audrey demands answers from Vince and Dave, they explain that she was once Lucy, and before that she was Sarah and before that, she was someone else. They don’t know exactly who she is or why she disappears and returns with the Troubles without aging or changing, but it’s clear that they had a close relationship with her when she want by a different name. Dave returns a ring to her that he says belonged to Sarah. It looked like a wedding ring, but he offered no further explanation.

Tahmoh Penikett was awesome as Duke’s dad and although it wasn’t how I had pictured Simon Crocker in my head, it clicked when Duke reminded us that his father had been dead for 27 years. Of course, Duke initially reacted to him the same way any normal person would, but everything that Simon talked about made some kind of twisted sense so it was difficult for him to dismiss as a hallucination. Read More...



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