FRINGE “One Night in October” Review

FRINGE "One Night in October" Season 4 Episode 2 - Tonight’s episode of FRINGE is almost better than last week’s premiere because it gives us a case that spans both universes, something I’ve look forward too since Season 3. The Fringe team is asked to help on a serial killer case, only the deaths take place in the altverse. To catch the killer, the alt-Fringe team wants to bring over our universe’s version of the killer. Over here the suspect is not a killer but a professor, who teaches about serial killers, and Olivia recruits him by telling him they need a profile of the killer before sedating him.

In the altverse the professor realizes something is wrong when he sees family pictures (of his family) in the killer’s house. Olivia and Fauxlivia explain about the two universes and the professor confesses that he had similar dark urges like the killer but found someone to help him repress them. He then escapes the house to find the killer and try to help him stop, except the killer captured him. When the professor and the killer talk, they realize that their lives diverted based on the events of one night in October. The killer decides to steal the professor’s happy memories (which is how he kills his victims), but the Fringe team intervenes and kills him before its too late. The professor is returned to our world, but has no memory of what happened to him nor of the ones the killer took from him. Read More...


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