SUPERNATURAL “Hello Cruel World” Review

SUPERNATURAL "Hello Cruel World" Season 7 Episode 2 – For a little while in the beginning of this episode, I remember thinking to myself that this one was moving kind of slow. By the end though, I was eating those words, my heart in my throat for the last few minutes of it (much like the premiere actually).

First up can we talk about how absolutely wonderful Mark Pellegrino was in this? Lucifer’s mind screw with Sam reaches new levels as his "bunk buddy" starts seeing things even when others are in the room. Heck he’s seeing things *through* the people in the room. But just when I thought that Sam would never be able to tell reality from fantasy again, once again he is saved by his big brother. Dean grabbing his hand and telling Sam to hold on to him and how to tell what was real – that was, in a word, fan- freaking-tastic. Yes I know that Lucifer did make his way back but at least now Sam knows that he’s not stuck in Hell and that has to count for something. Read More...


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