PAN AM “We’ll Always Have Paris” Review

PAN AM "We’ll Always Have Paris" Season 1 Episode 2 – Grab your passport; we’re off to France in "We’ll Always Have Paris," the week’s Pan Am. And although the title is cliched, I found the episode just as much fun as the pilot.

On this transatlantic flight, Laura must face her mother who’s suddenly developed a craving for French food (but clearly has an ulterior motive for traversing the friendly skies), Kate has another assignment (carrying a package to a contact in Paris), Maggie is backed into a corner by a drunk and randy passenger, and Captain Dean and Collette grow closer while he continues his search for Bridget.

Let’s talk about Kate first. Ever the good daughter, she ignores her sister’s warnings about their mother’s mastery of manipulation and during the flight, Laura and Mrs. Cameron reconcile. The lop-sided family reunion is short, however, when they reach Paris and Laura discovers that her mother has also flown over her jilted fiancee. He turns out to be the better man in the whole situation as, after a heart-to-heart, he agrees to let Laura go in order to explore the world. She is a special little butterfly, isn’t she? Read More...


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