HUNG “Don’t Give Up On Detroit; Hung Like A Horse” Season 3 Episode 1 Review

HUNG "Don’t Give Up On Detroit; Hung Like A Horse" Season 3 Episode 1 – So straight out, as I am the new Hung reviewer: I loved the first season of Hung, and was slightly less enthusiastic about the second season. Here are my thoughts on the main players:

Ray Drecker (Thomas Jane): While charismatic enough to command the lead, this isn’t a role that requires Jane to do a lot more than stay in shape, continue to look like a J.C. Penny catalogue model, and toss wry or confused looks at the camera. That said, he’s probably better in the role of Ray than most other people would be; I can’t imagine the series without him. Some friends of mine battened around a few names of "Who else could play Ray?" and we came up with squat. (Scott Bakula was suggested, which I found slightly idiotic.) For better or worse, this show sinks or swims with Thomas Jane, and thus far he’s been believable in a role that could be, admittedly, a little ridiculous. I like the fact that he’s not really struggling with the morality of his "night job" any more, though no doubt occasions will arise during the season to make him squirm. Read More..


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