AMERICAN DAD “Hurricane” Review

AMERICAN DAD "Hurricane" Season 7, Episode 2 – With the way tonight’s episode of American Dadwas going, I thought for sure everyone in the Smith household was going to end up dead once again. Somehow, even after a hurricane, a shark attack, a bear mauling and a friendly fire incident, the Smith family came out of this whole mess with their bodies somewhat intact.

Although Stan is a CIA agent, he’s undeniably terrible in a crisis. In preparing for an anthrax attack years ago, Stan had "everything-proofed" their home against any sort of attack. I have to give some credit to Stan for his preparation here, but that’s about where any praise for him ends. Had it not been for his terrible idea to anchor his home down with Roger’s wine fridge the Smith family may have survived the flood waters in their perfectly sealed, floating home. Luckily, whatever is sad for the Smith family here, is hilarious for us. Read More...


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