THE CLEVELAND SHOW “The Hurricane” Review

THE CLEVELAND SHOW "The Hurricane" Season 3 Episode 2 – The Cleveland Show kicks off Fox’s animated tribute to hurricanes with the aptly title episode, "The Hurricane." But the real storm takes place inside the Brown house when Junior declares that he does not believe in God. I’m sure that’ll go about as well as it did when Brian said the same thing on Family Guy.

When a hurricane bears down on Stoolbend, Cleveland and his family have to put their vacation cruise on hold in order to ride out the storm. Because evacuating is for wimps. Tell that to the lower 9th ward of New Orleans.

Having ridden out my fair share of hurricanes, I found the episode’s irreverence towards the subject matter refreshing. Post-Katrina, no one but Seth MacFarlane has been willing to poke fun at natural disasters and, really, don’t they deserve it? Especially when you bring religion into the mix. Now that’s a party! Read More...


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