BREAKING BAD “End Times” Review

Breaking Bad "End Times", Season 4 Episode 12 – After the chilling and brilliant end to last week’s episode, Breaking Bad returned this week with an equally brilliant installment in "End Times".

We start off with Skyler and Walt packing up to be put into protective custody by the DEA. With Walt not having enough money to pay for Saul’s disappearing expert, this appears to be the next best thing. However, Skyler is in for a big surprise when Walt informs her that he is not coming with them. So we see all of the family, Walt excluded, gather together in Hank and Marie’s living room to discuss their plans. We thankfully get one of our biggest episodes thus far for Steve Gomez, as he starts to get even closer to discovering Gus’ super lab. Seeing Gomie pull a Hank and do a "Knock and talk" with the manager of the laundromat was a great scene for the character, as it’s hard not to root for a guy who has played second fiddle on this series for so long. Read More...


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