DEXTER “Those Kinds of Things” Review

Dexter "Those Kinds of Things", Season 6 Episode 1 – Well, Dexter is back, everybody! After what feels like months and months of hype, casting announcements, and speculation, we finally get to see what Dexter will be up to for his sixth season!

Before I get into the actual review of the season six premiere, "Those Kinds of Things", I think I should explain how I feel about the show as a fan and reviewer since this is my first time reviewing Dexter for Daemons TV. I have been a huge fan of this show from day one, loving the tone, acting, and writing of this incredibly unique and entertaining series. I felt like season one was the perfect season of television, season two was great, season three faltered, and season four was brilliant. Season five, however, left me feeling somewhat unfulfilled. I was disappointed that Deb got so close to discovering Dexter, but conveniently did not find him out. The fifth season felt like it was running in place. From the season five premiere to the finale, there was hardly anything that had changed. Dexter appeared to have gotten over the loss of Rita, but that was about it. My main hope for season six is that we get some real progression on Dexter’s story, and that there will be major changes done to the formula of the series. Read More...


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