MERLIN “The Darkest Day Part 1? Review

MERLIN "The Darkest Hour, Part 1? Series 4 Episode 1 – It’s been a year in Merlin time and Uther is an invalid, still reeling over Morgana’s betrayal, Arthur is effectively running Camelot with all of the compassion Uther lacked, and Morgana has resurfaced with some dastardly schemes up her billowing sleeves.

There are two types of Merlin episodes: there are the joke types, filled with flatulent grannies and goblins and toads. Then there are the more serious, sombre types, filled with angst and betrayal and life and death stakes. No prizes for guessing which types of episodes are my favourites.

Thankfully, this episode falls flat and square into the latter category. I was sort of surprised by the severity of the content, but then the light hearted banter between Merlin and Arthur which usually alleviates the darker elements, at least for a time, were few and far between and, outside of the final heart to heart, they weren’t as well written as they usually are. Read More...


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