DOCTOR WHO “The Wedding of River Song” Review

DOCTOR WHO "The Wedding of River Song" Season 6, Episode 13 – The season finale of Doctor Who started off in a world in which time and space had gone completely mad. Time was perpetually stuck on April 22, 2011 at 5:02 PM and while air balloon powered Mini Coopers filled the skies of London and Pterosaurs attacked children in parks, the Holy Roman Emperor, Winston Churchill, was forced to ask: "What happened to time?"

The answer, "a woman." Thanks to "hell in high heels" we now know exactly what happens when you try to rewrite a fixed point in time.

As The Doctor retold his story, it was impossible for me to hold back the tears as we watched the events on Lake Silencio from his point of view. The Doctor told River that she was completely and totally forgiven and she fought with all her might to prevent the suit from taking control and killing him. Read More...


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