AGAINST THE WALL “Lean on Me or Die” Review

AGAINST THE WALL "Lean on Me or Die" Season 1 Episode 9 – We revisit Nikki, the undercover stripper, in "Lean on Me or Die," this week’s episode of Against the Wall, while Sheila helps Brody figure out a way to win Abby’s heart.

Don’t remember Nikki? She was the undercover cop working in a strip joint to bring down a dirty cop who’d become something of a mob boss. Abby and Lina are brought in when Nikki stops checking in with her contact; turns out she’s gotten hooked on the drugs. Occupational hazard. Abby takes it upon herself to get Nikki out of the club and start her on the road to recovery, but her plans are almost thwarted when Nikki slips away. In the end, Nikki steps up to the plate and saves Abby’s life by gunning down the dirty cop before he can do the same to Abby. Read More...


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