Recap: 'Survivor: South Pacific' - 'Reap What You Sow'

Sorry for the late recap. Rosh Hashanah, y'all!
Click through for the usual recap and a little day-late chatter...
Pre-credit sequence. Christine arrives at Redemption Island and has her first meeting with Semhar. Christine thinks she was sent packing because she wanted to play the game too soon. Chatting with Semhar, she says that Coach never liked her and that "He thinks he's King Farouk." Wow. Seriously? We're making references exiled Egyptian kings who have been dead for nearly 50 years? That's either impressive or weird. "It's not over yet," Christine vows. You know who else said that? King Farouk. Then he was overthrown.

I need a hero. Team Coach returns to camp. Mikayla still doesn't understand how she came to be a major Tribal Council target and she's suddenly wary of Brandon. For his part, Brandon regrets lying before and during the Tribal Council. He swears he came into the game wanting to be a hero. "I'm guilty, completely guilty of the way I acted and I reap what I sow, man," Brandon says. So, we can expect to see a totally new, totally not-creepy Brandon for the rest of this season, right? Read More...


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