Parks and Recreation Review: "Ron & Tammys"

While "Ron & Tammys" wasn’t as good as last week’s premiere it was still a very enjoyable episode.

First, the good: Leslie, and although she wasn’t in the forefront as much as I would like, Amy Poehler shows why she was nominated for an Emmy. One of the (many) reasons why I love Amy as Leslie is the amount of subtle comedy she can bring to a scene, no words are necessary, and this episode was a prime example.

Leslie’s mission names to bring Ron back to his former self were hilariously, after coming up with a name Leslie would sometimes sneak a glance at the camera and smile, showing how proud she was of the name.

But, in all honesty, Leslie’s attempt to get Ron back by trying to outdrink the Tammys was the best, as was her progression to being completely smashed. I was thoroughly enjoying Leslie lose any ability whatsoever to string together a sentence at the end.

As for Ron, I think this was the closest we’ll ever witness him get to a midlife crisis, and to be truthful it was a little scary and weird, but it was still funny. Thank God Ron didn’t pull up to the Parks Department in a hybrid while wearing his brightly colored polo because we might have lost him to Tammy 1 for good. Read More...


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