Wallflower Complete Collection Review

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I have to be honest here, while I have heard some good things about the show I was really turned off by the androgynous designs for the male characters. I understand that a staple of shojo anime is to have beautiful men that almost look like women but here it's really taken to such a degree that it actually makes the men look hideous. It took me a few episodes to get past this and completely enjoy the series.

The series premise is very simple. You have four overly attractive young men from different backgrounds living in a mansion owned by a rich woman referred to throughout the series as 'Auntie'. Among the four bishonen you have the main one, Kyohei, who tends to be direct and brash and loves fighting, Ranmaru, who is a stereotypical pretty boy womanizer, Yuki, the gentle one who is also the most feminine and often times victimized into being dressed in drag, and Takenaga who is the most levelheaded of the group and the only one who has a semi-stable relationship with his schoolmate Noi .

While Auntie goes on a trip around the world she assigns the men the task of making her niece Sunako into a yamamoto nadeshiko, or the ideal Japanese woman. At first the guys think this is an easy task until they actually meet Sunako who is presented as a parody of most Japanese movie horror tropes the most obvious being Sadako, the well-girl from 'The Ring', with her long hair and bangs that cover her face. She appears super-deformed most of the time and her hobbies include being in dark cramped places surrounded by various occult objects, and watching extremely graphic and explicit horror films. Most of the young men are just creeped out by her but the blunt Kyohei seems to actually connect with her (mainly because they seem to have similar fighting abilities).

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