The Secret Circle Photos & Promo: Cassie Delves Into Her Mother's Past in Episode 4

This week's new episode of The Secret Circle showed an unknown side effect of the Circle binding: the kids can now only do magic with one or more of the other Circle members present.  Faye, of course, is upset about that.

A man named Zachary came into town and was shocked to see Cassie.  As it turns out, someone he loved died 16 years ago in a fire that took place the night something terrible happened with the former Circle.   Charles tried to warn Zachary away, but he ended up coming after the kids for revenge.  Fortunately, they were able to subdue him.

In the October 6 episode of The Secret Circle, Casie delves further into her mother's past. She learns that one of her mother's friends, Heather Barnes (guest star Camille Sullivan), has been in a coma since the fire 16 years ago.  Cassie thinks that her mothers and the previous Circle are responsible for Heather's condition and she asks Diana to help her use magic to fix Heather.  Diana doesn't want to help, but Faye offers her services - provided Cassie is prepared to pay the price.

Below is a trailer for the October 6 episode of The Secret Circle.  To view photos for the episode, click the arrows above.


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