Community 3.02 "Geography of Global Conflict" Recap

Before you dive into this week’s zany episode of Community, be sure to read last week’s recap. Now that storylines have been set in motion, new characters have been introduced and plotlines from last season have been cleaned up, we can move forward and start having some real fun. And if this episode was any indication, we’re on just the tip of the iceberg where the word "fun" is concerned.

"Geography of Global Conflict" opens with Annie’s Poli Sci class, and new teacher Professor Cligoris (Party Down’s Martin Starr.) Professor Cligoris starts a class debate, in which Annie is quickly outwitted by Annie Kim – a competitive Asian perfectionist who clearly is out to give Annie a run for her money.

As Britta decides to show Shirley she’s getting serious about the new school year, she finds out via a flyer that a girl she used to know in high school has been taken hostage in Syria. Britta decides that this "imprisonment in an oppressive regime" needs to be fought for, while in another sense of fighting for rights, Chang goes overboard in his security position. "The badge says serve and protect!" Chang protests, as much to his chagrin he’s told that he’s not in charge of putting people in place – but rather, making sure people don’t knock over the school’s trash can. Read More...


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