Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Season 1 Episode 30 Review: Ishbal Extermination

Sometime after joining the military, Mustang had paid a visit to his sick teacher. Back then, Mustang believed that strengthening the military was needed and that alchemy in particular could help protect the people. He had also urged his teacher to become a state alchemist to get out of poverty and to continue with his research, but Mustang's teacher felt that his research on the strongest alchemy had been completed long ago. He had conjectured that alchemists cannot help but seek the truth and that they die when they stop thinking, and he considered himself dead. Mustang's teacher had actually died shortly thereafter, leaving his daughter - who had all of his research - in Mustang's care, and that daughter was none other than Hawkeye. After the burial, Mustang had told Hawkeye that, as a soldier, he might one day die like garbage on the roadside, but he still wanted to protect everyone and become part of the foundation of the country. Hawkeye had thought that this was admirable and wanted to believe in a future where everyone could live happily, and she had entrusted him with her father's dream.

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