'The Office': Don't let your mouth write a check your Nard-Dog can't cash


We now know why Robert California picked Andy Bernard to be Dunder Mifflin's new branch manager -- and we got a firmer idea of why the "The Office's" real-life bosses chose Ed Helms. "The Incentive" was a more assured take on the new dynamic at Dunder Mifflin, and we're happy to see the progress.The episode also gave a little more insight into Robert's personality and how, as showrunner Paul Lieberstein said in our interview, he likes to control any interaction he's part of. Witness his observation that Erin and Andy like one another, then near-immediate loss of interest when Andy starts in with their history.And, OK, we can't say be blame him, but it goes to the point Lieberstein was making. Robert also gives a stirring speech about how companies like Dunder Mifflin matter again, and oh by the way you need to double your sales growth and just do it, OK? Andy doesn't know...



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