Recap: 'Vampire Diaries' - 'The End of the Affair'

 The times I enjoy most on "Vampire Diaries" are the times when the metaphor of otherness and addiction is most explicit. And even though it's a secondary storyline in this episode, that's definitely the case with Caroline's reprogramming at her dad's hands. But we'll get to that in a minute. A LOT happens in this episode, and just when we thought Klaus was out of tricks, the quest for hybrids gets a lot more complicated.

After a lengthy absence, Katherine gives Damon a call. Of course, Katherine being Katherine, she isn't calling to be friendly. She has important information -- the whereabouts of Stefan and Klaus. They're in Chicago, and Klaus is taking Stefan on a magical memory tour of his good old bad old days. Of course, it's really more for our benefit, as Stefan staggers around not remembering anything and generally feeling disgust at his past actions. But who cares? We get treated to glamorous flashbacks to the 1920s, and that's what's most important. Bad Stefan is much more palatable when he's wearing a tuxedo and isn't filled with self-loathing.  Read More...


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