The Vampire Diaries 3.03 "The End of the Affair" Review

It's flashback time on The Vampire Diaries which means splendid costumes, different hairstyles and a whole heap of information about the past that influences the present. In "The End of the Affair" Stefan's (Paul Wesley) ripper days are shown in all their glory; revealing that human blood turns him into a sadist and how he had a connection to Klaus (Joseph Morgan) in this dark time that he no longer remembers. As so much awesome happened in this episode this is going to be a longer review so dive in.

Stefan's lack of memory of these 1920s Chicago deeds appeared to be down to his post binge blackouts but the real reason was a surprise; it was Klaus that compelled him to forget to. This act lost Klaus (or Nick if you will) a true friend and his sister Rebecca (Claire Holt) her love (Stefan really does have a way with the ladies and in that tux you can see why) but one that seemed necessary. This reveal (that was one of many in this twist packed episode) that Klaus and Stefan had run in the same circles and had been rather close initially surprised me, but Klaus' knowledge of the 'rippah' days and the Originals nifty 'we can compel anyone' trick made complete sense. I was more than happy to see Stefan's confused expression after discovering the photo of himself and Klaus looking all dapper back in the 1920s that may have matched my own, however I can guarantee that I swooned more. Read More...


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