The Big Bang Theory: 5.03 Recap

If the characters in relationships on The Big Bang Theory had a collective Facebook status setting it would definitely be: it's complicated. Tonight's episode gave us an idea of how much that's true by focusing on the couplings of Howard, Bernadette (and Howard's mother who's remained a condition of dating Wolowitz) as well as the interesting new development of no-sided Leonard and Amy. I'll explain what that means in a minute, but the great thing about this is it starts to put a 'kind of, sort of' name to what it is exactly that Sheldon and Amy have now.

The episode started off in typical TBBT fashion with the gang hanging out at Sheldon and Leonard's apartment surrounded by the takeout food choice of the week. Following the parting of the ways for the evening we were left with the very atypical pairing of Amy and Leonard. The fact that these two characters haven't spent much time outside of group gatherings was apparent with their awkward chemistry. But the main outcome of this shared time together was Amy asking Leonard to accompany her to a wedding. I could sit here and say I never expected they'd toy with Leonard and Amy except for Leonard is a bit of a man-whore if you will, and Amy definitely has an active libido which she'll remind people of at any time. Read More...


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