Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 14 Review: Those Who Lurk Underground

Full Metal Alchemist episode 14 Those Who Lurk Underground begins with officer Roy Mustang coming to visit the Fuhrer King Bradley in his office. However, Roy is told that the Fuhrer is out on an inspection in the South which obviously surprises Mustang.

Meanwhile, Greed begins to battle Edward and Izumi, but he soon escapes as Izumi begins coughing up blood. As Greed makes his exit, army personnel walk in.

Greed is then shown to have met up with Alphonse and his Chimera captors. However, King Bradley soon arrives on the scene and a battle between him and Greed soon amounts, with the king quickly gaining the upper hand.

Unfortunately, it seems Greed cannot be killed, as the Fuhrer kills him 15 times. Then, the Ox (Dorochett) and the dog (Roa) chimera arrive on the scene to aid Greed. They release Alphonse from his binds and tell him to escape with Martel (Snake Chimera). Al agrees, but Martel then takes over his body and tries to help her comrades. Roa goes in to fight Bradley first, but is quickly sliced in half; Dorochett is then disposed of seconds later.

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