'The Office': Job performance?

Community: it’s not just a show that’s on before The Office. This week’s Office featured the Dunder-Mifflin crew coming together on a challenge to increase sales after new CEO Robert California said he wants to see them double their percentage growth this quarter, despite a little national recession.

Naturally, new boss Andy was feeling the pressure. He wanted to continue making a good first impression on Robert, so he crowd-sourced tie options in the conference room while Dwight led a meeting about a brand new heavy triangle tablet. (Side note: Awesome). The plot point I’m most thrilled about is carefree Dwight. Being passed over for the promotion really did a number on him. For the first time Dwight doesn’t care about selling paper — and that’s exciting. He’s baking brownies, dissing Wall Street, and when it comes to brainstorming, just wants to talk about how fast children grow up. Read More...



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