'Jersey Shore' recap: Satyricon

Someday, somewhere, somehow -- dear God -- someone on the Jersey Shore cast is going to have a child. It might have happened already. Why, The Situation has lived a long, full life, and has certainly proven himself capable of convincing many different women of making many different mistakes. (I'm sure you're all aware of the popular theory currently making the rounds in academia that Vinny is actually Uncle Situation's bastard child.) The most common critique leveled against Jersey Shoreis that it symbolizes nothing less than the end of Western Civilization. Now, this is a silly critique, since we all know Western Civilization actually ended earlier this month, when Driveearned a C- grade from Cinemascore. (By comparison, Cars 2 -- that horrifying vision ofpost-human globalized mediocrity -- earned an A-. This modern world is misery. Thank God forFast Five.) Read More...



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