'Parks and Recreation' recap: Three Times the Tammy

Pssst! Hey, America! Yeah, the 20-plus million of you now watching Ashton Kutcher ham it up on Two and a Half Men. If you’re interested in a hilarious half hour of TV, take a minute to flip over a few channels and check out this Parks and Recreation show. You think Ashton parading around butt-naked is shocking? Wait 'til you see Ron Swanson's naked upper lip! This week’s Men had a hot chick in a bikini and a $100,000 eco-friendly sports car? This week’sParks not only had a hot chick being paid $100,000 (with full medical!) to just sit there, it had a chair with a roof! And let’s not forget Chris Traeger. That dude’s got the energy of, like, two and a half million men.

While we wait for America to come rushing over, four million Parks fans will continue to keep one of TV’s best-kept secrets to themselves. And "Ron and Tammys" was definitely another keeper. Thursday’s episode packed a panoply of punchlines while peeling back another layer of the great libertarian meat-eater-ologist Ron Swanson. The fortress of Swanson is rarely compromised; it takes a special force, like the sexual predator called Tammy Two, who transformed him into a cornrowed horn dog of a trainwreck. But what a clever idea to have this season’s nemesis — the ominously buttoned-up, frosty, Jedi-like ex-wife called Tammy One, who delivered him when he was born, taught him Sunday school, math, and driver's ed — reduce him to the frightening opposite extreme: a cheerful, dorky, subservient public servant who was blissfully unaware that he was being scammed by a fake audit. (Good thing that was bogus, because most of his receipts were pieces of paper that read: "I bought supplies 2007," which is a sure ticket to jail. Jail, Ron. Ron, Jail. Jail! Jail! Jail! ) Of course, just because the audit was phony doesn't mean the danger wasn't real: She was here to raid his stash (of gold) and shave off his ‘stache (of awesome). I’m not sure which violation of Ron is worse. Read More...



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