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Jersey Shore Review: "Three Men and a Snooki"

Hey Snooki, what's it like on the planet where you live?

Sigh. Poor Snooks. Can't a girl flash her kooka at a club without having an international incident anymore? No? OK fine. Well, at least she still has Jenni to make her feel better. And Vinnie and his, ahem, equipment. If it wasn't so un-ladylike, I'd make reference to her nickname for Vinnie here (cough *Seabiscuit* cough). Hey, her words, not mine. Guess we all know what he's hung like now...

In the masterpiece of dialogue known as "Three Men and a Snooki," quotable lines abound. My personal favorite is when Jionni tells Snooki "What do you mean you're not being yourself? You get drunk seven days a week, hook up with girls, and you flash your underwear, I thought that was who you are?" Ouch, man. Just...ouch. He accompanies this zinger by telling her she was dancing inappropriately in the club "like a pig." And he wonders why she hung up the phone in disgust? I guess everyone has a breaking point, and that includes Snooki. Read More...

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