Archer: Heart of Archness Part 3 Recap

At the end of part two, Sterling's rescue party, if you can even call it that as he was reigning over pirate island most of the time he was there, had been captured and tossed into the same cell as Sterling, Rip, and Noah. This week the trio plus Lana and Ray remained in the cell, annoying each other before coming up with an escape plan. But these are the kinds of scenes that showcase the type of snappy banter and out of left field references the show is known for. It also had all the earmarks of a classic Sterling Archer adventure: a fight with Lana, selfish reasons for not wanting to do something that would help others, and the wounding of known characters. During their incarceration, it was only a matter of time before Sterling's big secret came out about his former status on the island as a pirate king. Sterling was lucky to only get a few knocks from Lana for making her go all the way out there to come and get him while he was supposedly being tortured and held captive.

Back at the ISIS offices, Mallory tries to negotiate a ransom deal with one of the pirates via Lana's confiscated sat-phone. Only a ransom would be a bit impossible to give out as sometime during Cyril's blackout-drunk escapades with Pam he shifted ISIS's funds into accounts he can't possibly remember the passwords for. This also resulted in another shot of Pam naked on a desk—something I really didn't ever need to see now or back in part two as well. Read More...


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