Parks and Recreation Recap: Gold Diggers of 2011

At this point, a Parks and Recreation episode that revolves around Ron Swanson’s castrating (figuratively, and in Tammy 2’s case, possibly literally, although it would be made to look like an accident) ex-wives has the feel of a Simpsons "Treehouse of Horror" — an event, and dependably stellar. The show’s creators recognizes this by simply calling the episodes "Ron and Tammy," "Ron and Tammy 2," and now "Ron and Tammys," in honor of the unholy triumvirate of Patricia Clarkson, Megan Mullally, and now Paula Pell as Mama Swanson, Tamara (she goes by Tammy), and by limiting themselves to one major episode a season. It’s a silly gag, and I wouldn’t bet against Ron having a doomed relationship down the line with a new young sociopath whose name just happens to be Tammy, but the construct also makes for a master class in character development and, as if it even bears mentioning, Nick Offerman’s acute Nick Offerman–ness. The fact that the show went to this in the season’s second episode is a bold gambit and says everything about its confidence — a "Ron and Tammy" is not an event to build up to, but one to throw out there and then seek to surpass. Read More...


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