Dexter 6.01 "Those Kinds of Things" Review

Sharpen your knives, ready your slides and wrap your living rooms in plastic wrap, Dexter is back!  Everyone’s favorite serial killer returns for his sixth outing, newly recharged and  finally freed of all that pesky, "my wife was murdered" nonsense.  Not a moment too soon!

Dexter’s sixth season faces something of an uphill battle for longtime fans of the series, which struggled to find its footing in the wake of Rita’s murder and the poorly received Lumen (Julia Stiles) last year.  Thankfully, sixth season premiere "Those Kinds of Things" sets a clear and re-energized tone for the season to follow from its very beginning.  Viewers who caught the early tease of the episode’s opening scenes with a stabbed Dexter in distress might be disappointed to learn our killer has played his paramedic prey for chumps, but the sequence still serves up a clever way to re-introduce ourselves to Dexter’s nighttime activities.  The season’s first kills also strengthen our perception of Dexter’s new resolve, as Michael C. Hall exudes a manic confidence missing the past few seasons, and creatively breaks from Dexter’s own traditions with a double defibrillation. Read More...


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