Hanamaru Kindergarten Season 1 Episode 3 Review: A Hanamaru Love Triangle | A Hanamaru Day

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Hanamaru Kindergarten rolls along rather nicely with its third episode as it delves into the romantic matters headfirst in a way that is quite endearing and cute. With Anzu having expressed her desire to marry Tsuchida practically from the start, it's taken on a life of its own as she's been given her mother's blessing to pursue just such a relationship. Of course, like most parents, it's done in a cute manner since there is a past relationship of sorts between Anzu's mother and Tsuchida but also because kids invariably go through this to one level or another. Teacher affection at a young age is something that many teachers experience over their careers.

Tsuchida's getting it rather quickly though in his career and it's coming from what could be termed a very 'lively' student at that. Anzu's upping her efforts to get Tsuchida to really notice her and she employs some of the basics of any woman in love. She spends time making him a lunch for the next day, one that's filled with a toxic combination of food, and she does her best to be completely present for him when she has his attention. And when he's off looking or talking to other women, she clambers right up there up his chest in order to get him to look her way. It's entirely cute and while exaggerated it does cover a lot of the reality of the situation pretty well.

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